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Well Hung Hangers

Custom Tailor FAQ Page.

We partner with custom tailors nationwide to assist them in adding elegance to the pieces they create.  We craft all of our custom hangers from imported wood and assemble them here in the United States.  If you have any questions, please feel free to call or email.  We are here to help your bespoke business stand out as a premiere product.



How can The Relentless Group, LLC help to grow my business?

We can screen your logo onto our hangers so every time your client reaches for their custom shirt or suit they will see your name.  In the morning when they put their suit on, and every night when they hang it up (we hope!) they will see your custom logo.  Little touches will help set you apart from your competition.


Do you have any retention programs you can share?


Yes! Don't forget about reaching out to your customers after they take home their bespoke items.  Wouldn't it be nice to send them a dozen shirt hangers for their birthday with a "Happy Birthday" coupon for 25% off their next shirt?  You know what items your customers have purchased with you, send them a present of hangers for the holidays!  They will get plenty of wine... send them something they will use and that will help build your clientele, hangers with your company name on them.


How can I maximize my current customer base with The Relentless Group, LLC?

Your current client appreciates the fine details of bespoke clothing, also appreciates information on how to take care of these bespoke pieces.  Your customers will be able to bring clothing to a dry cleaner less to be pressed if they hang their suit on a wooden hanger that holds their shoulders in alignment instead of on a wire hanger that can create unwanted shoulder bumps.


Big and Tall Men

Are you working with the Big and Tall mens and Plus size womens markets to create custom clothing?  If you aren't you should be a part of this $17 billion a year industry.  Big and Tall men are a very loyal group, with limited options on where to purchase fine clothing.  If you know of any larger politicians, celebrities or athletes in your market, send them our 22" Executive suit hanger with your logo on it and tell them you would lotve to make a suit or shirt to hang on the hanger in their perfect size, created just for them.

This is great what else?

Whatever you can dream you sell or tailor tuxedos?  Gift for the groomsmen.  Partner with realestate professionals to outfit their customers new closet with a "welcome to the neighborhood" custom clothing coupon.  Call us, we are here to assist you.

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