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Executive 22-inch Jacket/ Shirt Hanger (Set of 3)

Executive 22-inch Jacket/ Shirt Hanger (Set of 3)

If you’ve ever slipped on a shirt or sport coat that came back from a professional dry cleaner or laundry, you know why you need this. Their wire hangers leave impressions in all the wrong places for big and tall men.

Instead take a shirt out of your closet and find it perfectly shaped by the Well Hung Hanger jacket and shirt hanger’s half-inch thickness and 22-inch long shoulder-to-shoulder support. Custom and high-end shirts gets support from one shoulder seam to the other.

Our hangers are made of imported wood, finished with a walnut lacquer and brass hardware, and are flat to maximize space in your closet. The rubber inlaid shoulder guards keep sport coats and shirts in place even after you remove the item hanging adjacent to it.

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